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About course

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in the year 2008. We put all our efforts to make our students to compete internationally and to produce creative solutions to society’s needs, universal moral values, adherence to professional ethical code and to generate any knowledge and technologies essential to the local and global needs in the field of Electronics & Communication.

About LABs

The department set up many laboratories in various areas of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering in order to provide a very good practical training to the students. These laboratories have been upgraded and modernized from time to time with funds both from the Institute as well as from the Sponsored Projects. It is heartening to note that this department undertook research activities almost since its inception when research activities were almost non-existent in the country in this area. Pioneering work in the areas of Microwaves, Antennas, Speech Coding and Communication have been carried out in this department.
       These areas have since then flourished and researches in other areas like Devices and Microelectronics, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Telecommunication Systems and Networking, Optical Communication and Networks, Microelectronics, Nano Technology, Integrated Optics and Biomedical Electronics, Signal Processing and Neural Networks have been taken up where a very good name has been earned. In order to disseminate knowledge, the department has been organizing a good number of short term courses and national conferences from time to time.

Why electronics and communication Engineering?

Electronic systems are at the heart of the new industrial revolution and play a vital role that affects nearly every aspect of our modern day lives. Mobile phones, computers, televisions, radios, digital media systems, satellites, exchanges, avionics, automotive systems, control and instrumentation systems, embedded systems, medical equipments and many others are all based on advanced electronic technologies. The need for ever increasing performance in these areas is both challenging and rewarding. These systems require professional electronic engineers for their design, development, commission, service and management. If being part of an exciting profession that investigate solutions to virtually every problem encountered today appeals to you then you are invited to consider Electronics Engineering for your career choice.

Job opportunities

Graduates in Electronics & Communication Engineering are qualified for employment in a wide variety of sectors. This ranges from consumer electronics such as television, video and compact disc to the use of electronic systems for communications and computing in business. In the public utilities such as electricity, gas and water supply, electronic control and protection systems are indispensable. Students completing the undergraduate curriculum can be employed in the public and private sector industries and organizations such as the Indian Telephone Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratories, AIR, Civil Aviation and the Police Wireless Departments. Electronics Engineers are also absorbed in the entertainment transmission industry, research establishments, and defense. They can also take up teaching and research in one of the many engineering colleges in India or abroad. Job opportunities for electronics and communications engineers cover a whole spectrum of fields including civilian and military industries concerned with the generation and transmission of signals designing electronics and communications equipment and circuits such as TVs, VCRs, computers and satellite communications systems. Electronics and Communications Engineers harness electromagnetic radiation and develop instrumentation used in Radar and Sonar systems.

  • Duration: 4 year
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Seats: 120
Prof. Nitesh DodkeyHead Of Department