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Today we find that Information Technology has become overwhelmingly pervasive while its parent Computing Science has become correspondingly hard to find. While many CS educational institutions have shifted focus from core CS and become specialty providers for the IT industry or mass producers of vocationally trained personnel, a few institutions continue to emphasis the pristine science underlying the diverse aspects of computing. This is the single most important attribute of the education offered here. Our department has remained true to the vision on which it was founded.

The department's mission is to advance, evolve and enhance Computer Science and Software Engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of research among students. The CSE Department's Endeavour is to be an important regional, national and international resource center for the development of Computing, IT and Software systems and applications. The department is witnessing a period of exciting growth and opportunity propelled by the top ranking it achieved recently. CSE boasts a vibrant student body of about 1600 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate students and a stellar faculty of professors and lecturers.


In the 21st century, technology is omnipresent in our lives. With a boom in the technology sector, it is proving to be a lucrative career opportunity for students who are in the juncture to pass out from school and are considering various aspects for their future career options. Computer Science Engineering is the most popular course for the Engineering aspirants. During the counseling of the top engineering colleges, the Computer Science Engineering seats are the fastest filled among different branches.

From late 19th century, several Indians have been recruited by the IT majors like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Cognizant, Accenture etc. They were even recruited in the famous Silicon Valley in USA by top ho like Yahoo!, Adobe, Apple Inc., Google, Intel, etc. You can work in Database Management, IT, Embedded Systems, Telecommunication, Computer Hardware & Software Implementation & Maintenance, Multimedia, Web Designing, Gaming and almost all other industries.

It is worthwhile to note that the computer industry has witnessed such phenomenal growth in recent years that IT majors like Infosys & TCS have been the major recruiters across all engineering colleges of the country.

  • Duration: 4 year
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Seats: 150
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